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Established on 15th May 2003 and dedicated to cater for the practical needs of both amateur and professional herpetologists. Our aim is simply to provide some basic images of animals, enclosures and products for your interest or amusement and to encourage newcomers into the rewarding world of keeping reptiles.

Reptile care is of particular importance to me because it is generally not well catered for in the generic pet stores. So we stock the valuable Callington's Reptile Enclosure Insecticide spray, the F10 infection control products and a range of other items to aid in reptile health care .
Our Heating & Lighting page displays a small sample of the range of practical items that we have in stock.
Including heating globes, ceramic globes, UVB tubes & globes, heating mats & heating rocks, ceramic fittings and thermostats For example, indoor / outdoor digital thermometers or our range of imported, highly accurate temperature controllers.
The Accessoris page shows the large range of water bowls, various hides, enclosure decorations, substrates, feeding bowls, feeding tongs, handling equipment, thermometers, hygine and reptile care products.

A range of frozen Foods an live inscets covering frozen turtle food, various frozen rodents from pinkys up to adults, days old chicks up to 6 weeks, quails from day old to 3 weeks.
Go to our Reptiles for sale section for a list of currently stocked herps
The Custom Enclosures page may help you find inspiration in the design of a custom made enclosure for your favourite pet reptile. As the name suggests I individually make the enclosures from the material of your choice finished with sliding glass doors and screened, aluminium vents.

In our Images section you can browse through a small amount of pictures ranging from pythons, elapids, skinks, dragons, monitors, and geckos. NOTE some of these reptiles may not be available for purchase in australia.
Our Turtles sections is in support of for the conservation of the mary river turtle, at the bottom of this page is a link to aftcra's website please have a visit

Our Books section is a good read about the currently stocked reptile husbandy books some titles include keeping bearded dragons, care of australian reptiles in captivity, and feild guide to reptiles of NSW.

The Recreational Wildlife Licence page may be of interest if you require information on how to obtain the mandatory licence for pet reptile ownership in Queensland. Thank you for visiting us online, now please come and see us in person or at least make direct contact.

Cheers, Simon Grainger.